Pavlina Pavlova

Public Policy Advisor, Cyber Peace Institute

Cyber policy expert working on advancing international law and norms in cyberspace. Prior to joining the CyberPeace Institute as Public Policy Advisor, Pavlina was an official at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) – being appointed Liaison Officer of the OSCE Chairmanship. She also coordinated OSCE capacity building programmes with the focus on strengthening the human dimension of security. Pavlina's professional experience combines ten years at the intersection of policy and political advisory, programme coordination, and multi-stakeholder engagement at international, European, and national institutions.

Pavlina has been publishing and speaking on the nexus between technology, human rights, and security. Her research centres around cyber threats and cyberattacks impacting vulnerable and targeted groups and the interlink between online and offline security. She authored research papers on information control technology, platform governance, and content moderation presented at the Yale MacMillan Center, the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy of the Harvard Kennedy School and the Stanford Internet Observatory, among other fora.

With the goal of helping young professionals to successfully navigate the field of international (cyber)security, Pavlina has been mentoring female participants in several programmes, including Women in International Security (WIIS), the Harvard alumni network (W3D), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Women in Tech, and the Strategic Policy Institute.