Violeta Bulc

Former European Commissioner for Transport

Innovator in mind. Socialist in heart. Environmentalist in spirit. Liberal in actions.


Politician, entrepreneur, innovator, engineer, author, sportsperson

  • Member of the government of the Republic of Slovenia, member of the European Commission (6y)
  • Founder and general manger of Vibacom (14y):
  • Founder & coordinator of InCo movement (6y):
  • President of the Boad of Umanotera, Slovenian Fundation for Sustainable Development (4y)
  • Vice president, Telemach, telecommunication provider (1y)
  • Director, Telecom Slovenia, carrier business (5y)
  • Member of Advisory Board for Innovation Journalism, Stanford University (5y)
  • Innovator: many national awards for business and social innovation, 3 x best consultancy project of the year in Slovenia



  • University Ljubljana: Faculty for Electrotechnics
  • Golden GGU: Master of Science in Information Systems
  • Shamanic Academy
  • Martial Art Academy

Member of many global and domestic associations, NGO initiatives (IEEE, ISSS, ZM, Slovenska Znanstvena Fundacija)


  • Professional basketball player, member of the junior Jugoslavian team
  • Slovenian champion in javelin,
  • Black belt in TaeKwanDo & HapKiDo