Catherine Chen

Corporate Senior Vice President and Director of the Board, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Catherine Chen is the Corporate Senior Vice President of Huawei and a Director of the company’s Board. She oversees Huawei’s global functions in the areas of public affairs, including government affairs and media affairs. Over the past two decades, Ms. Chen has led the company's public affairs to move forward, always adhering to the concepts of "seeking the truth from facts" and "advancing with the times". She has helped Huawei adapt to the rapidly changing and complicated external environment, and has supported the company's global business development and steady and continuous operations.

Through her deep insights into the global macro environment and in-depth understanding of the ICT industry, Ms. Chen has played an important role in increasing Huawei's transparency and openly communicating with governments, the media, and other stakeholders all over the world. Her unremitting efforts have helped the company develop its thought leadership, earn stakeholders' trust, and build a favorable business environment.
Since joining Huawei in 1995, Ms. Chen has held several senior roles within the company, including President of the Public Affairs and Communications department, Deputy Director of the Domestic Marketing Management Office, Vice President of the International Marketing department, and Chief Representative of the Beijing Representative Office.

Prior to joining Huawei, Ms. Chen worked in the marketing department of Shenzhen Yaao Industry Co., Ltd. She began her career as an engineer for Shaanxi Xiangyang Company.

Ms. Chen graduated from Northwest University in China.