Luísa Ribeiro Lopes

Chairman of the Board of Directors, .PT; General Coordinator, INCoDe.2030

Luisa Ribeiro Lopes is Chairman of the .PT Board of Directors, the entity responsible for the management of the national top-level domain, .pt, and General Coordinator of the National Digital Competences Initiative e.2030, INCoDe.2030. With a special emphasis on inclusion and gender inclusion, Luisa believes that Digital Inclusion is Social Inclusion.

Graduated in Law by the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, PhD student in Gender Studies by the University of Lisbon, Luisa integrated several national and international groups for the development of the Information Society, such as the Azores project: Digital Region, the Mission for the Information Society and APDSI. Luisa is a member of the Strategic Council of ACEPI and a member of the Executive Committee of MUDA - Movement for Active Digital Use.