Manuel Delgado Meroño

Visual Artist; Social Policy Advisor to the VP for Culture and Open Society, PP

Manuel Delgado is a Spanish visual artist devoted to make art accesible and collaborative. His projects always include various artists and the spectator is given an active role in co-creating. Manuel also works as Social Policy Advisor to the Vice-Secretary of Culture and Open Society of the Spanish People's Party (Partido Popular). Manuel previously worked as Employment and Social Affairs Senior Policy Advisor of COPA-COGECA, the united voice of farmers and agri-cooperatives in the European Union.  Before that, he started his professional career at the European Parliament from 2017 to 2019 serving the Vice-President in charge of institutional communications, who was also involved in the AGRI and REGI committees. He holds a double bachelor’s degree in Law and Political Science, a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, and two MAs in International Relations and European Political Studies.