Soledad Patiño

Global Skills Academy Coordinator, UNESCO

With more than 7 years in the UN system, she has a proven track record of delivering results and attaining project objectives while working with diverse stakeholders to achieve sustainable development goals focusing on education, culture, and international relations. Her expertise includes partnership management, project planning and management, stakeholder engagement, advocacy and strategic communication, policy-oriented research, and organization of international high-level events.

She currently works as the coordinator of the Global Skills Academy (GSA), a mission under the umbrella of the UNESCO Global Education Coalition that aims to equip ten million learners with skills for life and work, contributing to SDG4, SDG8, and SDG17. Her areas of expertise within the team include global partnership for sustainable development, youth skills development, technical and vocational education and training (TVET), inclusive education, and technology and education with an international perspective.

She has full working proficiency in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, and is passionate about international affairs and working with global stakeholders to advance the 2030 agenda.

Whether working on large-scale initiatives or collaborating with local communities, she approaches every project with a solutions-oriented mindset, diplomatic skills, and a dedication to excellence, building long-standing relationships with partners across the globe.