Kaja Posnik

Program Director, Girls Future Ready Foundation; Founder of 'Breath of Art' podcast, Neuroscience student at UCL

Kaja Posnik is a Program Director at the Girls Future Ready Foundation, where she manages programs such as Girls Global Ready, named the 2023 European Young Innovator Champion by the World Summit Awards, supported by the European Union and United Nations. Kaja is also a second year neuroscience student at University College London. As a Project Leader of one of the biggest student-led conferences in the United Kingdom, UCL Leaders, and President of the Polish Society at UCL, she has experience working with international communities and embracing diversity. She shares her work towards women and youth empowerment as a panelist at youth events and conferences, as well as at institutions such as the Senate of the Republic of Poland.

Kaja is a scholar of the British Alumni Society and the Clinton Global Initiative University, as part of which she is working on developing a youth program focused on increasing awareness about mental health through the performing arts. She is the founder of the ’Breath of Art’ podcast, where she discusses the subjective nature of the arts and their impact on various areas of our lives with her guests. Kaja is the author of several neuroscience articles, published among others in ’The Harvard Brain’. 

Privately, Kaja is very passionate about musical theatre and loves performing on stage, having taken part in theatre productions as well as public speaking and debating competitions.