Simone Mohrs

Digital Health Manager, MedTech Europe

Simone joined MedTech Europe as a Digital Health Manager in January 2022. She drives initiatives to advance the potential of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare and medical technologies and supports the development of the European digital health ecosystem by focusing on digital health infrastrucutre, trust, literacy and skills.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in European Public Health from Maastricht University, where she focused on the interoperability of electronic health record systems and patients’ rights and a master’s degree in international health from Uppsala University. She believes that trust between stakeholders, including citizens and healthcare professionals, is essential to fully benefit from the digital health transformation and its integration into health systems. She previously worked for a European Healthcare and Hospital employers’ Association and the Association of European Self-Care Industry. In 2020/21, Simone participated in the European Health Parliament, where she chaired the Telemedicine and Patient-Centered Care Committee.