Nikola Vučić

News Anchor & TV Host, N1 (CNN exclusive news affiliated channel for the Western Balkans)

Nikola Vučić is a television presenter and journalist for N1 television, a Western Balkans regional news network. In addition, Vučić is a cultural researcher and gender equality expert. His portfolio encompasses a intersectional approach to culture, human rights, ideology, and politics. The result of Vučić’s research on the topics of gender and culture is the book Critique of Toxic Masculinity (2021) and the e-guide Feminism and Men (2022), which also represents his social engagement in the specific development context of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nikola Vučić graduated in comparative literature with a focus on the regional cross-border reception of South Slavic literature against the political tendencies of ethno-national closure. He publishes professional essays and reviews in prestigious Southeast European journals, with a research focus on culture, gender, and identity. Also, as a collaborator on the University and Gender Equality Project, he gave a series of lectures and workshops at Western Balkan universities on toxic masculinity, popular culture, ideology, and politics.