Anett Mádi-Nátor

President, Women4Cyber Foundation  

Ms. Anett Mádi-Nátor is the President of Women4Cyber Foundation under ECSO umbrella to highlight the importance of gender balance within the field of cybersecurity and cyber defence.

As a member of ECSO Board of Directors Ms. Mádi-Nátor is participating in formulating ECSO 2.0. She is also a member of the European Cybersecurity STARTup Award Jury of ECSO. Previously she was a Chair to WG5responsible for cyber ranges and technical issues for 3 years. At present she is Lead to EHR4CYBER Task Force in WG5, and Chair to SWG6.5 responsible for dual use issues (Defence and Space) to make the most of all those European development programmes that lead to a safer future as well as boost participation of the European Defence industry, no matter what additional challenges covid may bring around.

Ms. Anett Mádi-Nátor, Vice President of Cyber Services responsible for Strategic Business Development and International Operations, is the former administrative lead of the Hungarian Cyber Defence Management Authority of the National Security Authority. Having an NSA background she navigates quite well both in national critical infrastructure and military domains, her recent appointments include the Lead to NATO Cyber Defence Capability Team as a CaP4 primary representative of Hungary to NATO in the C3Board substructure, core planner of NATO Cyber Coalition exercises, lead planner of the collaborative cyber defence exercises of the Central European Cyber Security Platform (CECSP) between 2011 and 2015. Currently she is more engaged with industry side cyber security strategy and implementation, and strategic business development, being the chair to the Information and Cyber Security Working Group of the largest ICT association of Hungary. Additionally, she is a Board Member of Ludovika Collegium of the University of Public Service where she leads Special Studies in Digitalisation.