Marie Postma

Head of Department, Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, Tilburg University

Marie Postma – Associate professor in cognitive science and artificial intelligence (AI) at Tilburg University in the Netherlands where she is currently the Head of Department of Cognitive Science and AI. She obtained her PhD from the Institute of Logic, Language and Computation at University of Amsterdam. In 2015-2019, she established three new educational programs at Tilburg University in the domain of data science and AI, both at bachelor and master’s level. She is a founding member of TAISIG, Tilburg AI Special Interest Group, a host of monthly public research talks at TilburgU on the topic of AI, member of the Informatics Platform of  the Netherlands and the NL AIC.  

Since 2015, she has been conducting research on education and technology, with the help of data science and AI methods, including virtual reality. She was the principal investigator of the  project Schola Ludus, investigating the potential of virtual reality for teaching complex data  science concepts and algorithms. She currently participates in several research projects set up in collaboration with the SpaceBuzz foundation, measuring the impact of an educational program involving a VR-simulated Overview Effect on scientific motivation and learning in K12 population. Next to that, she supervises a number of PhD projects using EEG, eye tracking and motion tracking to examine attentional and perceptual processes in the brain.