Summer School in Lisbon

This was a unique opportunity. Staying at a family-run, eco-green, boutique hotel in the heart of Lisbon. Attending classes at the Tivoli Palace, our private “campus”. Being inspired by top-level speakers from across the EU. Soaking up the city’s culture, and in the evenings, enjoying exclusive networking events and spending quality time with fellow future leaders. This was the inaugural edition of this ambitious pan-European programme. Applications for the Winter School are now open. 

Welcome, future leaders!

This is a school like no other, with an agenda like no other, and we are excited to share it with you. Your days will be inspiring and stimulating from morning till night, offering endless opportunities to learn, bond, explore and grow. Have a look through the day-by-day programme below, for a glimpse at what lay ahead. Hopefully, it will inspire you to apply for the Winter School.



Those selected took their seat in a unique classroom. Teachers and mentors came from across the EU Member States. These top-level speakers gave students a first class education, as they addressed everything from economics to policy, climate change to cybersecurity, and innovation to media, during panel discussions and roundtables, casual fireside chats, and keynote speeches.


A Most Distinguished Jury

The 27 young participants are selected by a distinguished jury composed of business executives, EU policymakers, professors, senior journalists, and equality defenders from all 27 Member States.
The members of the jury are looking for well-rounded candidates. They review academic achievements, but also candidates’ interests and work outside the classroom, and their desire to learn more about the role of technology in the world.


A Life-Changing Experience

Each and every one of our students had a key role to play at the Summer School in Lisbon. They were not only there to learn and make new friends: they brought their unique perspective as future leaders, and shared their experiences as young women willing to make a difference.
The week-long programme enabled them to create everlasting connections, grow personally and professionally, and dive into both the future of technology and the local culture. In their own words:



There is infinite talent available in Europe – but sometimes this talent is not well identified or supported, which risks its potential going to waste. Given the importance of making women fully active participants in Europe’s recovery - a fundamental pillar of which is the digital transition - Huawei aims to recognise the immense potential of female talent and to proactively support it, empowering girls to lead the tech revolution.
Between 23 and 27 August 2021, we held the first Summer School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age in Lisbon. 27 participants, one from each EU Member State, were selected by an independent jury from among 1,225 applicants from all over Europe. They took part in a week-long programme of masterclasses, team projects, active learning and cultural experiences. Here begins a collection of not just photos and videos, but of memories that will stay with us forever.