Welcome, Future Leaders!

This is a school like no other, with an agenda like no other, and we are excited to share it with you. Your days will be inspiring and stimulating from morning till night, offering endless opportunities to learn, bond, explore and grow. Have a look through the day-by-day programme below, for a glimpse at what lies ahead for you.


Day 1

Welcome to Lisbon! Make yourself comfortable at your beautiful, eco-boutique hotel located in the city centre. Run by a local family, it embodies an award-winning concept built on the basis of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Its staff will make you feel at home and help you enjoy a perfect kind of harmony after the full days that you will have at the School.

Once you are settled in, join the rest of your colleagues at the Welcome Cocktail Reception we have organized for you. Hint: get ready for Lisbon’s most stunning sunset views.


Day 2

Now that you have met your fellow participants, enjoy an energizing breakfast together and a short walk to the School. The programme will start sharply at 09.00h – be on time!
Before you dive into two core course modules, Leadership and Public Speaking, you will hear from several public figures that are making a change in the fields of equality, business and politics. A panel of women working in technology and cybersecurity will also break down stereotypes and explain, from their personal experience, why these fields are for you as well.
Both the coffee and lunch breaks will give you an excellent opportunity to network and ask speakers further questions. Remember: every minute spent at the School is a minute that can help you define your future and gather the strength needed to embrace further challenges.
The afternoon will be a time for adventures. Grouped in teams, you will be invited to participate in a treasure hunt that will take you around the most inspiring landmarks of the Portuguese capital. Tip: dress comfortably – Lisbon streets can be quite slippery.
We will then finish the day at a traditional restaurant, where you will learn from the female entrepreneurs that are shaping Portugal’s innovation landscape, while tasting a selection of local delicacies.


Day 3

After yesterday’s eventful programme, a new day starts – and rest assured: it will be even more exciting.
From discussing the opportunities of the digital era to evaluating the role of women in shaping new technologies, Wednesday’s schedule will lead you to another core module: coding. And not just coding, but coding at one of the best schools in the world. Pack your laptop and get ready to understand the basics of this amazing discipline through a challenging, gamified session.
Once algorithms have become a new friend of yours, we will go for a little getaway. Our villages are the heart of our continent, and as such we want to give you the opportunity to explore one of Portugal’s hidden gems: Mafra. There you will learn the value of local development, and also the possibilities that technology offers to bridge the rural-urban gap.


Day 4

And from local to global: after the insightful experience in Mafra, on Thursday we will examine the importance of leading with purpose for a sustainable, inclusive world. You will hear first-hand experiences from women and men in the frontline, and hear how they overcame extremely difficult situations. Their persistence will surely inspire you to push forward, no matter how hard life may get.
Discussions on new media and nanotechnologies will then occupy your afternoon, while the last part of the session will be dedicated to the group project. “What group project?,” I hear you ask. Well: get ready to hear more about it once you get to Lisbon. Until then, start thinking thoroughly about the concept of “Leave no one behind” – this will help you come to the School with part of the work already done.
Following such an eventful day, the best way to end it will be by taking part in some meditation and mindfulness workshops at a picturesque garden. Change into your most comfortable clothes and come prepared to relax and let go.

Day 5

Last but not least, before closing the academic programme you will hear from female leaders and how they are contributing to Europe’s economic recovery, and a cybersecurity masterclass will provide you with the last of the core competences needed to shape the digital era.
Finally, the time will come for you and your team to present the project that you will have been working on throughout the School days. The public speaking and leadership techniques that you will have learnt at the beginning of the course will help you get it right, and inspire the others with your vision.
In the afternoon, you will (finally!) have some free time. But make sure to not fall asleep: your colleagues and lecturers will be waiting for you at one of Portugal’s national palaces for an unforgettable Gala Dinner. Dress up, bring your camera, and get a small speech ready in case you are one of the prizes’ awardees – this “Eurovision for Women in Tech” will not end until talent has been properly recognized.


Day 6

Yesterday night was dream-like. Now it is time to wake up and go to the airport.
You have made friends for life, and you have learnt the important building blocks needed to lead, and take your career to the next stage. We are confident that you will meet again – and when you do in a few years, you will all be proud of how far you have come!
Thank you, wholeheartedly, for having joined this programme. We hope that you have enjoyed it, and we are already looking forward to the next edition.

Safe travels and best of luck, dear future leaders!