And from local to global: after the insightful experience in Mafra, on Thursday we will examine the importance of leading with purpose for a sustainable, inclusive world. You will hear first-hand experiences from women and men in the frontline, and hear how they overcame extremely difficult situations. Their persistence will surely inspire you to push forward, no matter how hard life may get.
Discussions on new media and nanotechnologies will then occupy your afternoon, while the last part of the session will be dedicated to the group project. “What group project?,” I hear you ask. Well: get ready to hear more about it once you get to Lisbon. Until then, start thinking thoroughly about the concept of “Leave no one behind” – this will help you come to the School with part of the work already done.
Following such an eventful day, the best way to end it will be by taking part in some meditation and mindfulness workshops at a picturesque garden. Change into your most comfortable clothes and come prepared to relax and let go.