Last but not least, before closing the academic programme you will hear from female leaders and how they are contributing to Europe’s economic recovery, and a cybersecurity masterclass will provide you with the last of the core competences needed to shape the digital era.
Finally, the time will come for you and your team to present the project that you will have been working on throughout the School days. The public speaking and leadership techniques that you will have learnt at the beginning of the course will help you get it right, and inspire the others with your vision.
In the afternoon, you will (finally!) have some free time. But make sure to not fall asleep: your colleagues and lecturers will be waiting for you at one of Portugal’s national palaces for an unforgettable Gala Dinner. Dress up, bring your camera, and get a small speech ready in case you are one of the prizes’ awardees – this “Eurovision for Women in Tech” will not end until talent has been properly recognized.