Cristina Andersson

Business management consultant, non-fiction writer, influencer entrepreneur, Develor Productions

Cristina Andersson is an entrepreneur and management consultant. Cristina has been working with artificial intelligence and robotics since 2011, as an expert in different EU and national organizations as well as with several companies. She is a member of the steering group of the Finnish National Artificial Intelligence 4.0 program led by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Cristina is chair of the Green Transition Group of the program, chair for Artificial Intelligence working group at the Finnish Standards Association, and member of the board in Federation of Finnish Enterprises in Helsinki. 
She coordinated the National Program for AI and Robotics in Healthcare for Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. 
Technologies need to be developed and used for welfare of people, countries, and the universe. Therefore, Cristina is involved in promoting better care for the elderly. She is a member of the advisory board for FoibeMansion, a nursery home for the elderly in Finland. 
Cristina is an educationalist who has studied the future of work and management. She sees learning for professional foresight as one of the key parts of lifelong learning. She strongly believes that one must understand technology and emerging technologies to understand what one should learn. 
Cristina co-authored the book "BohoBusiness - Victory of man over machine" (Talentum 2012). Her book "The Winning Helix" describes a victorious action-learning process, and how the energy should be focused on different phases of the process.