Aikaterini Liakopoulou

Business Coach for Deep-tech Startups backed by the EU Commission

Aikaterini Liakopoulou is a seasoned technologist with a 10+ years demonstrated experience in the technology sector in Silicon Valley and in Europe and a track record in business development, operational excellence, research and development, product management and sales. 

Aikaterini holds two master's degrees in engineering, one of which focusing on disruptive clean technologies. During quarantine, she co-founded Fair AI Certified, a Brussels-based initiative for fair and principled Artificial Intelligence. In 2020 she was featured in Forbes’ Leadership column advocating for the necessity of gender diversity in the tech industry and the need for pragmatic collaboration between regulators and technologists. 

Since June 2021, Aikaterini has been appointed to be a business coach for startups funded by the European Innovation Council, Europe’s largest innovation initiative that identifies, supports, and scales up breakthrough technologies and disruptive innovations, through grant and equity investing. Aikaterini aspires to push the boundaries of technological disruption in Europe notably through the female participation.