Velichka Atanasova

Project Coordinator, Startup Village Chengene Skele, Burgas Municipality

Velichka is currently a Project Coordinator of a StartUp Village, Chengene Skele, a rural area located in the southeastern part of Bulgaria. The aim of this project is to analyze the state of innovation and entrepreneurship in rural regions of Europe and to promote these aspects, based on a study about Startup Villages and The Long Term Vision aligned with the concepts supported by the European Commission. Velichka began working on the project four months ago to focus on building a startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem to attract and connect science, talent, and business in a thriving network of open minds united by an inspirational coworking space that enables collaboration, turning the place into a melting pot for innovation and entrepreneurship. Previous projects she worked on focused on promoting social inclusion, increasing access to education, and facilitating digitalization and innovation.