Marta Bulik

Founder Wellbelicious, Certified wellness coach and Yoga teacher 

Marta Bulik is a certified yoga teacher, transformative wellness coach and a body psychotherapist in training, who helps others  heal & shift limiting beliefs into empowering ones so they can meet their deepest needs, embody their highest selves, and live fully self-aware lives.
As a yoga teacher & embodiment facilitator, she guides others towards befriending their bodies. As a transformative wellness coach, she helps using her own signature method, based on 3 levels:  heal-> transform- Marta's wellness philosophy is rooted in the belief that body awareness influences our lives, our decision-making, and how we show up as leaders (both locally and globally). Her own fight with depression (which was triggered after losing her mum to cancer)  was the catalyst for her to become intentional about understanding herself, managing her emotions, and reclaiming a sense of balance thorough a combination of therapy, yoga, meditation, breathwork, and other holistic methods. Previous career in the world of EU politics, showed her how the lack of awareness of self and the body influences decision-making process. Hence her fascination with embodied, holistic female leadership, in which she sees a great opportunity for global changes.