Piero Maieli

Regional Counselor, Sardinia (Italy)

My name is Piero Maieli, I am a freelance veterinarian, Regional Councilor of the Region of Sardinia since 2019, as well as Chairman of the Fifth Permanent Commission in the Regional Council that deals with productive activities, with expertise in industry, commerce, handicrafts, tourism, cooperation, energy, mining, forestry, agriculture, hunting, fishing, and aquaculture.

The Commission that I chair has 80 percent of the productivity of the Regional Council, with numerous Law proposals that have been approved successively by the Council including; Regional Law June 21, 2021, No. 12 - Discipline of wine tourism in Sardinia, Regional Law June 21, 2021, No. 13 - Recognition of the nautical hotel diffuso, Regional Law April 11, 2022, No. 6 - Support and promotion of the cultivation and supply chain of industrial hemp.

Soon to be approved will be the Law on the Discipline of Oleotourism, the Law on Interventions for the Enhancement of the Sardinian Almond Tree, and the Law on the Protection of Birds from Electrocution and Collision caused by Power Lines and Wind Plants.