Emina Abrahamsdotter

CEO, GoGender

Ms. Emina Abrahamsdotter is a CEO and co-founder of a tech startup GoGender with a mission to help organizations close gender gaps and achieve gender impact. She leads a team of dedicated women and men bringing together digital technologies, behavior science and gender studies developing a SaaS product that empowers teams to identify, address and fix gender inequalities.

Her professional background is in international development cooperation in gender equality, gender mainstreaming, and women’s empowerment with governmental and non-governmental organizations from around 30 countries worldwide.

Ms. Abrahamsdotter holds a Master of Social Studies from the University of Lund (Sweden) and a Master of Religious Studies from the University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). She is a member of the Gender Issue-Based Group of Catalyst2030, International Society of Female Professionals, and CEE Gender Network.

She loves scuba-diving and table tennis.