Kosovare Sallahu

Represented Luxembourg at the 2022 Summer School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age

I am a passionate and driven individual dedicated to making a positive impact through education. Currently studying German and History with a teaching post option at Humboldt University in Berlin, I am committed to shaping the minds of future generations. I have also obtained additional qualifications as a teacher for integration courses in language education within a multilingual context.

Throughout my academic journey, I have actively sought opportunities to enhance my teaching skills and contribute to educational initiatives. I have interned at the Luxembourg Embassy in Berlin, gaining valuable experience in trade, economics, and culture. I have also worked as a teacher, providing learning support and language training in various projects, and have contributed to the development of digital learning content.

Proficient in several languages, including Albanian, Luxembourgish, German, English, and French, I possess strong linguistic abilities that allow me to connect with diverse communities. Furthermore, I have a basic understanding of Portuguese and Italian, broadening my communication skills.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I actively engage in volunteer activities aimed at promoting intercultural learning, exploring historical connections, and leveraging technology in education. Through mentoring, language support, and participation in events promoting dialogue and human rights education, I strive to foster understanding and create a more inclusive society.

With my unwavering commitment to education and a wealth of diverse experiences, I am determined to make a meaningful difference in the lives of students and contribute to building a more equitable world.