Nanna Marie Tørring Koefoed

Represented Denmark at the 2022 Winter School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age

Participating in the 2022 Winter School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age was nothing less than life-changing for me. Coming from an engineering background, it is so easy to lose yourself in research and forget the reason, you started: the HUGE impact STEM can have on society.
Participating in the School helped me (re-)gain a hollistic view on the multifaceted world of women in leadership positions within tech. As the recipient of the Future Leader Award, I felt empowered to tackle even more challenges, moving beyond my original scope of biotechnology.
I learned that you can have actual impact for actual people regardless of your background - you just need that drive; and the Schools are filled to the brim with talented, driven people who inspired me to do things I never thought possible.