SPAIN, 23-28 OCTOBER, 2022

Rural Innovation

Women make up half of the population. However, they still face structural challenges that unfairly prevent many of them from unleashing their full potential.

In rural areas, women face a double hurdle: In addition to the gender gap, they also need to overcome the urban-rural divide in order to progress. The situation also presents an obstacle to realising equal opportunities across the EU.

Europe’s rural areas are an important contributor to the EU economy and society. They play a vital role in feeding citizens through the food that they raise and grow, and they also conserve the rich diversity of our countryside and the open green spaces that we all enjoy visiting.

This is why HUAWEI EU has created an academy like no other – the Women’s Academy for Rural Innovation, where talented women from 15 different European rural areas come together to acquire the skills and tools needed to shape the digital age from their own villages.


Female Leadership

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