SPAIN, 23-28 OCTOBER, 2022

Rural Innovation

Women make up half of the population. However, they still face structural challenges that unfairly prevent many of them from unleashing their full potential.

In rural areas, women face a double hurdle: In addition to the gender gap, they also need to overcome the urban-rural divide in order to progress. The situation also presents an obstacle to realising equal opportunities across the EU.

Europe’s rural areas are an important contributor to the EU economy and society. They play a vital role in feeding citizens through the food that they raise and grow, and they also conserve the rich diversity of our countryside and the open green spaces that we all enjoy visiting.

This is why HUAWEI EU has created an academy like no other – The Women’s Academy for Rural Innovation, where talented women from 15 different European rural areas come together to acquire the skills and tools needed to shape the digital age from their own villages.


The Women’s Academy for Rural Innovation in Spain

Our goal is to close the double divide - gender and urban-rural - that is preventing women in rural and depopulated areas from becoming the leaders that our world needs.

The Women’s Academy for Rural Innovation presents a unique opportunity and learning experience and will take place in the heart of Spain. Participants will have the chance to dialogue and learn from mentors and expert speakers drawn from across Europe. Together they will debate the most pressing issues facing women in rural areas and be encouraged to explore solutions that can deliver tangible results in their region. They will also act as strong examples and role models to other women in rural settings. 

Applications for the inaugural edition of The Women’s Academy for Rural Innovation are now closed.




Exploring entrepreneurialism in a rural setting. How to get your ideas off the ground – including securing funding, setting up an SME and the attendant challenges and opportunities.


Learn from internationally renowned coaches who will inspire you to become a leader in your community – setting a long-term vision and inspiring others to follow your example.


Practice confidence-boosting techniques that will help you to pitch your ideas to secure funding, markets and collaborators. An invaluable life skill.


Get first-hand experience of the technologies and innovations that exist and how they can be applied in your rural area and working life.


Collaborate with other participants and work together to deliver projects and drive your ideas forward. 


Learn basic breathing and meditation techniques that will increase your focus and creativity while also decreasing stress and anxiety.


Our speakers and mentors are there to share their expertise and advice with you. Over five days, The Women’s Academy for Rural Innovation will allow you to spend time with world-class leaders and to debate ideas and solutions to the challenges ahead. By brainstorming together, we want to unlock the role for technology in driving rural development and innovation and set you and your community on the road to a sustainable and dynamic future.

At the Farewell Gala at the end of the week, the outstanding participants will be recognised for their creativity and potential and will have the opportunity to bring their policy suggestions to the attention of decision-makers in Brussels.



Top applications will be reviewed by a team of experts — a distinguished jury composed of Members of the European Parliament, former EU Commissioners, professors, business executives, journalists and equality advocates from EU Member States, as well as innovators driving change in rural communities. We are as passionate about their involvement in the selection process as they are about the environment that we are creating for you: an inspiring space where you can bond, network, and support each other, in line with the European spirit of cooperation and solidarity.



We are sure that you have many questions about The Women’s Academy for Rural Innovation - both practical and relating to the programme. We will try to answer them here.


Apply Today, Join us Tomorrow

The Women’s Academy for Rural Innovation will take place in Spain from 23rd to 28th October 2022. Our full scholarship covers all programme expenses for the selected candidates, including all travel expenses, food, accommodation, etc.

Applications for The Women’s Academy for Rural Innovation are now closed. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming opportunities via our social media channels!