Our Mission

Empowering Women in the Digital Age

As part of Huawei’s broader initiative Seeds for the Future, the Schools for Female Leadership in the Digital Age represent the company’s continued commitment to digital inclusion. We want to close the gender gap and create a world where women are empowered to lead us into the digital future.

This vision of equality and inclusion is completely aligned with the European Commission’s commitment to achieving a gender-equal Europe by 2025. It is also what makes this programme so dynamic and compelling.

The Schools now welcome 29 female candidates – one from each of the 27 EU Member States, one from Ukraine and one from the Western Balkans. Students are drawn from diverse backgrounds and are coached by a host of top experts and mentors during a week-long programme.

Through a combination of workshops on core digital skills such as coding, inspirational sessions on leadership, thought provoking debates and cultural and networking activities, participants learn the skills needed to thrive in the post-Covid world – a world that will be defined by the digital transition.


The Future of Tech is Female

There is infinite talent available in Europe – but sometimes this talent is not well identified or supported, which risks its potential going to waste. Given the importance of making women fully active participants in Europe’s recovery - a fundamental pillar of which is the digital transition - HUAWEI EU aims to recognise the immense potential of female talent and to proactively support it, empowering girls to lead the tech revolution.

The School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age provides students with women role models and allows them to network and to express their ideas and visions in a safe and inspiring environment.


Unleashing the Power of Female Talent

Throughout the course of the programme, students are immersed in the digital world, learning from a wide variety of experts across many different fields. With their guidance, they gain a better understanding of the EU’s current digital landscape, and discuss potential ways forward. They learn about career opportunities available in areas including AI, cybersecurity, and data privacy. They are also taught leadership skills that help them thrive in these professions, and empower them to take their rightful place in the tech revolution.

A talented group of experts both coach and counsel our students during the five-day programme and teach them everything from coding to presentation skills and leadership styles.


A Unique Concept

Innovative and enriching, inspiring and engaging, the School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age offers a unique opportunity. Students:

  • Are positioned at the intersection of technology, politics, and economics.
  • Have a seat at the table to share ideas, brainstorm, and debate with global thought-leaders, policymakers, journalists, and business leaders.
  • Are immersed in a programme that combines high-level discussions with dedicated mentorship, an innovative experience, designed to be thought-provoking from beginning to end.
  • Have an exclusive opportunity to learn, grow, and network in a safe and supportive environment.

Our schools gather students from a wide range of backgrounds and educational disciplines. In order to offer equal opportunities to all, and ensure that no one is left behind, each student receives a full scholarship covering all costs associated with their participation in the school.