Future Leaders

Our alumnae are equipped with the skills needed to shape the digital era and the world is ready to welcome them as a force for change.

With a world of possibilities ahead of them, this is a space where alumnae can share their thoughts and experiences. An interactive and supportive community, operating in accordance with the European spirit of cooperation and solidarity.



Our mission is to create a community that helps to increase the number of women in leadership positions in today's world and to strengthen their confidence, skillset, and network. 

We are building a European network of young women leaders who will provide a supportive and professional sisterhood in this digital age.

We want to empower the young women leaders of tomorrow to lead positive change and to apply leadership in order to achieve a more equal and sustainable world.



Our alumnae dream big. They imagine a future where women and girls enjoy equality. A world where technology works to improve the lives and prospects of everyone, regardless of their gender or situation.
And they are determined to be a part of the change they want to see. Leading us into our shared digital future and leaving a lasting impression.