Our Partners

We thank our partners for supporting the European Leadership Academy’s initiatives, and for helping us build a more equal and sustainable future.

European Training Foundation (ETF)

The EU agency that contributes to the development of labour market, education and training systems in EU neighbouring countries.

“Being at the forefront in promoting better opportunities for all in the EU Neighbourhood, we are very happy to continue supporting talented young women and welcome the opening of the ‘School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age’ to a talented young woman from the Western Balkans and from Ukraine. Through initiatives such as this, we can further reduce the gender and digital gap and boost human capital development in the region.”  – Xavier Matheu de Cortada, Interim Director, ETF


València is commited to promote new opportunities and support women in these amazing days of change and disruption. We are proud to welcome young talented women that will lead the future and make the world a better place for all. The local goverments, in particular, have a word to say for inclusion, sustainability and equality policies. This is the moment and the right place to do it. Go for it!

Mobile World Capital Barcelona

“At MWCapital, we believe that digital technology has the power to transform lives and create a more connected and inclusive world. Our mission is to champion the advancement of digital innovation across industries, institutions and citizens  fostering collaboration among stakeholders, and ensuring equal opportunities for all. By investing in groundbreaking initiatives and supporting the development of future leaders, we are paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future." – Eduard Martin, CIO & Director of Connectivity, MWCapital


Women Political Leaders' (WPL) mission is to increase both the number and the influence of women in political leadership positions. As the largest global network of around 12,000 women politicians we are very happy to work with young outstanding women at the European Leadership Academy and to inspire them to lead the future in politics.

Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)

“The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) proudly embraces this opportunity to join the European Leadership Academy, reaffirming our commitment to fostering innovation and empowering diverse talent. We strive to contribute to sustainable growth and impactful change in Europe's educational landscape through collaboration and shared vision.” – José E. Capilla, Rector, Universitat Politècnica de València 

Life Terra Foundation

The Life Terra foundation aims for 500 million trees for Europe

“Life Terra seeks to bring people together, harnessing and monitoring nature’s own carbon capture mechanism and enabling citizens to take urgent action against the climate crisis. In this respect we’re proud to partner with the European Leadership Academy, empowering a new generation of leaders to not only bridge the digital divide but also to promote sustainability across all of Europe” - Sven Kallen, Founder & Secretary, www.lifeterra.eu


DigitalES is a Spanish employers’ association born in 2017, representing +100,000 jobs in our country. Our aim is to help all economic agents to successfully undertake the digital transformation.
“At DigitalES, we believe education in digital capabilities is the first step for a brighter, more productive and resilient future for all. That is why we proudly support the European Leadership Academy, as well as new collaboration opportunities with both enterprises and academia, and we look forward to all these young future female leaders have to show!” – Víctor Calvo-Sotelo, managing director of DigitalES


The European Association of Institutions in Higher Education is the leading representative of professional higher education (PHE) in Europe with a mission to lead a harmonisation process across the EHEA. 

“EURASHE represents many higher education institutions in rural areas, which provide women with the skills and knowledge to innovate. They also cooperate closely with the world of work that needs more innovative women. We are therefore delighted to be supporting this initiative to increase the capabilities and thus the opportunities for individual women and enterprises in rural areas.” - John Edwards, Secretary-General, EURASHE


The Spanish Confederation of Employers' Organizations, CEOE, is the organization that represents and defends the interests of Spanish companies and entrepreneurs.
Founded in 1977, it is one of the most representative employers’ organizations in Europe. It brings together, on a voluntary basis, more than two million companies across all sectors of the economy and from every region.
We act as the economic and social interlocutor with:
•  the Government
•  the different Public Administrations
•  political parties
•  trade unions
•  international institutions
•  civil organizations
SMEs are represented at CEOE through the Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CEPYME), and self-employed individuals are represented by the Association of the Self-Employed (ATA).
We represent more than 2 million companies and self-employed workers, 210 territorial and sectoral business organizations and 4,500 grassroots business associations.


A female-founded EdTech startup equipping and empowering girls and young women to learn how to code.

“At imagiLabs we believe that technology is our future and in order for this future to be inclusive and equal, all genders need to have a say in how we develop technologies. We cannot achieve this vision without strong partnerships and we are very happy to be able to join forces with the European Leadership Academy. The young female leaders trained in the programme will be the seeds of change across all of Europe.” – Dora Palfi, Co-Founder and CEO 


Cámara Valencia, Escuela de Negocios

"From the Training Area of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce we are committed to making female talent visible by promoting, through training, the potential of women to lead the change towards a more diverse, inclusive and sustainable digital world. We are a hub of knowledge, experiences and learning, based on the impact on results, educational innovation, technology and the connection of people and companies. We are proud to be part of the European Leadership Academy." – Cristina Vicente, Directora Area de Formación, Cámara Valencia, Escuela de Negocios 


With climate change and the energy transition on top of global agendas, the European Union is set to lead the race on carbon neutrality, while addressing industrial challenges through new legislative packages such as the Net-Zero Industry Act under the Green Deal Industrial Plan. To this end, the EU has greatly recognized the urgency of reskilling and upskilling EU citizens as well as developing new programmes to address the upcoming challenges of a required fast technological uptake to fast-track the transit to energy efficiency. 


Magasin is a plural space for meeting and collaboration between women that seeks to promote the influence of female leadership in our society and to acknowledge their abilities and talents.
"Support, education and empowerment of young generations of women is a guarantee of leadership. Looking  forward, it means more than a necessity. It’s an obligation for us as actual leaders to contribute to the building and strengthening of young leaders. Our mission is pushing them to be principal actors of a world where diversity, inclusion, technology or sustainability are at the same time skills and goals of the new society".

Portuguese Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality (CIG)

The national body responsible for the implementation of public policies designed to promote gender equality in Portugal.

“The Portuguese government is really supportive of this idea [of the Summer School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age], so thank you very much to Huawei.” – Sandra Ribeiro, President, CIG

Summer School 2021, Lisbon

University of Salamanca

"Our university has always been an academic institution committed to the local ecosystem, which is why we decided to cooperate in such a pioneering project as the first European Women’s Academy for Rural Innovation. Supporting innovation and equality at local level is key to achieving socio-economic development in rural areas”. - D. Ricardo Rivero Ortega, Rector, https://www.usal.es

Digital Collective (DigiCo)

"DigiCo aims to create a more equitable world where all people have access to skills to thrive in the digital age. We are grateful to Huawei for their support of female entrepreneurs through this programme" – Lisa Varga, Co-Founder and Director, https://digico.global/

Le Wagon

Le Wagon is an international coding school that has taught since 2013, people the skills they need to land their dream job in tech, launch their startup, or change careers. Through immersive bootcamps in web development and data, we offer a life-changing learning experience.

"At le Wagon, we really are engaged into introducing more women to the tech world by launching the first women coders training bootcamp in Nice last year. We felt it naturally to connect with the Winter School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age, recognised and supported by HUAWEI. It was a delight for us to partner with HUAWEI and reward one of the participants to follow classes in Data Science and Web Development." -  www.lewagon.com


Portugal’s integrated public policy initiative aimed at enhancing digital competences.

“Digital inclusion is social inclusion, especially for women. Thanks a lot to this Summer School, for choosing Portugal for its first edition. This event shows the great vision of your company.”– Luisa Ribeiro Lopes, Chair of the Board of Directors, .pt & General Coordinator of INCoDe.2030

Summer School 2021, Lisbon


“Copa and Cogeca are the united voice of European farmers and agri-cooperatives. As an organization we are very engaged in issues concerning both the representation and participation of women in the sector as well as the topics concerning digitalization, innovation and rural development. We are happy to support the mission and goals of the European Women’s Academy for Rural Innovation in assisting rural women across the EU gain important knowledge and skills that can help ensure their better participation in today’s technology driven society. We believe these skills would allow them to seize the opportunities digital innovation offers and in this way contribute to the development of rural areas and the agriculture sector.” - Pekka Pesonen, Secretary General, COPA-COGECA


"Agencia EFE, as a public company and the major multimedia news agency in Spanish language, maintains a firm commitment to gender equality. Efeminista, a global and transversal project, is an example of our commitment, as well as our Equality Plan, the application of parity in appointments or the use of non-sexist language in all our products. We are delighted to participate in The Women’s Academy for Rural Innovation to promote female leadership in areas where women have been traditionally forgotten."  - José Manuel Sanz, Agencia EFE Chief Editor


“CEJA acts as a forum for communication between young farmers and European decision-makers. Its main objective is to promote a younger and more innovative agricultural sector across the EU-27 and to create good working and living conditions for young people setting up in farming and those who are already “young farmers”.
The main concerns of young farmers are issues related to access to land, credit and production rights, and strengthening education and training facilities for young people in rural areas. CEJA represents around 2 million young farmers in Europe.
Our membership spans across 22 EU Member States and 33 national member organisations, including an observer member from Latvia and two associate members from the UK and Serbia. We remain in regular contact with young farmers’ organisations, agricultural institutions and associations throughout Europe and worldwide.
CEJA has built strong links with various international youth organisations over the years in its advocacy work for young farmers, while always maintaining independence from any political ideology.”


“The Federation of Rural Women's Associations (Fademur) is a progressive organization that strives for equality and progress for women living and working in rural areas. For us to cooperate with the European Women’s Academy for Rural Innovation is to tap into a pioneering project that like FADEMUR believes that innovation and skills can help breach the gender gap and contribute to the economic and social development of rural areas. These objectives that are at the heart of the SDGs.” - Teresa López López, President of FADEMUR


ABOUT WOMEN is an initiative that stems from a desire to direct attention to sensitive issues through a gender perspective. A series of meetings, animated by contributions from entrepreneurs, politicians, artists and women who have succeeded in breaking that glass ceiling that for too long has tried to suffocate them.

“Nothing can happen without the contribution of women. This is the message I want to convey through the ABOUT WOMEN initaitive, which I have been organizing for five years as part of the Venice Film Festival. We talk about sustainability, women's rights, Europe, acceptance, youth, and digital: all topics that cannot exclude a gender perspective. With each edition, ABOUT WOMEN grows, opening up to new realities and new voices. We want to unite ideas for a better future. This is why I enthusiastically welcome the collaboration with Huawei, which has long been committed not only to offering digital tools that are accessible to all but also values women's contributions in an industry that unfortunately still tends to exclude women.” – Alessandra Moretti, Member of the European Parliament – ABOUT WOMEN


“The rural and sparsely populated environment is often described as a territory without opportunities. This image makes people in big cities think that these areas are not a lifestyle choice. Furthermore, this vision weakens the confidence of the rural population in their prospects for life and prosperity in their homeland. For this reason, it is important to influence the selfesteem of members of rural communities, as well as to boost economic activity and social commitment through training in innovation for present and future generations.” -  sspa-network.eu

The Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic (SMO CR)

The Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic is a voluntary, apolitical and nongovernmental organisation. Members of the Union are towns and municipalities.  The Union of Towns and Municipalities is a partner for governmental and parliamentary political representation.

„The Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic (SMO CR) supports a complex development of both rural and urban territories with the emphasis to their special needs. There is a number of active women local representatives working within the SMO CR structures (committees, working groups, etc), as well as within the leading positions of our association. SMO CR supports the involvement of women into all levels of public administration and promotes the equal opportunities for men and women with the accent on equality at the local level as well as in the rural areas.“ Radka Vladykova, Executive Director of SMO CR


Abodoo is an inclusive skills mapping and matching technology platform that is bridging the gap between education and industry. Female founded and launched from a Village, Abodoo now works internationally with universities, enterprises and government and is a partner of the European Commission's Start Up Village initiative with Huawei to revolunise rural communities as new Live Work Destinations

"We are excited to share The My Work Life Vision e-learning programme that provides the tools needed to achieve an amazing international remote career from a Village." -  Vanessa Tierney CEO Abodoo 

European Data Centre Association (EUDCA)

“The European Datacentre Association is excited about the Women’s Academy for Rural Innovation as the digitisation of our economies and lives progresses. We need to create opportunities for women to support the development the digital economy equally and, in return, the digital economy opens opportunities to all people in all regions to access technology, improve livelihoods, and participate in this important transition of our economy.  The data centre represents the future marketplace and port where data is aggregated, worked, stored, traded and moved – ensuring an equal opportunity for all people” - Michael Winterson, Chairman of the Board, https://eudca.org/

The Municipality of Candeleda

"The character of Candeleda and its people is defined, to a large extent, by the town´s history and heritage, as well as by its relationship with the surrounding natural environment. For this reason, we welcome with great enthusiasm the first Women´s Academy for Rural Innovation, as we believe in the importance of promoting the leadership of rural women, and especially of promoting it through initiatives and policies in line with the new times we live in."  - Carlos Montesino Garro, Mayor

CropLife Europe

The European trade association which represents leading global companies and European national associations working in conventional pesticides, biopesticides, plant biotech innovation, and digital and precision farming.

“I am very pleased that CropLife Europe is able to take part in this initiative. Our members are investing in digital and precision agricultural technologies. These types of technology can be employed to support almost all farming activities on a daily basis. Initiatives like this one from Huawei sets to tackle one of the key barriers to the adoption of these practices – the urban-rural divide. We fully support closing this divide as we believe that there is a huge benefit for society by encouraging rural innovation.”- Olivier de Matos, Director General, CropLife Europe


“Honoring its Sardinian roots, Siendas was created to serve as a guide for the quality agribusiness market. Siendas digitizes and maps regional food and wine production in the island of Sardinia, offering technology integration services to all quality producers, and enabling the local economy internationalize in a uniform, effective and sustainable way. The Siendas Openfood software was created to defend local producers from market speculation, and to protect high-quality food and wine production. In just a few years, it has established itself as a key market player. Exporting to 15 European countries, its system acts as an organizer of the Sardinian agro-food B2B trade with the goal of digitizing the entire Sardinian agri-food sector, offering high-tech solutions for each producer by integrating 4.0 technological processes that can improve and make more sustainable all their operations related to logistics and marketing of products. As a champion of sustainability, inclusiveness and equality in the agri-food ecosystem of Sardinia, Siendas strongly supports the goals of this Academy and is honored to contribute to its mission”. -  
Marco Arca, CEO of Siendas.it