Summer School in Warsaw

Following our inaugural Summer School in Lisbon, Winter School in Nice, second Summer Summer School in Prague, and most recent Summer School in Valencia, the fifth School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age will take place in Warsaw, Poland from the 21st to the 26th of July 2024. 


First-Class Courses

The programme will have its own private “campus” for the five days. Each day offers a perfect balance of masterclasses and team projects, active learning and group activities, themed events and cultural experiences. There will also be free time set aside for you to explore with your new friends.


All-Inclusive for all Participants

Here is just one more reason why this programme is so exciting: much like a scholarship, we are covering the cost of everything for every one of our students. This, of course, includes transportation to and from Warsaw, all meals, the programme itself, and daily trips.  

All it costs you is the time it takes to submit the application.