Welcome, Future Leaders!

The fourth edition of our Schools for Female Leadership in the Digital Age will take place in Valencia, Spain from the 25th to the 30th of June. Students should prepare themselves for a week that they will never forget!
Our 29 young leaders of tomorrow – comprising one from each EU member state, one from the ‘Western Balkans Six’ and one from Ukraine – will embark on a journey of discovery. Mornings will be taken up with a combination of panels, workshops, roundtables and masterclasses, while the afternoons will include cultural visits and teamwork sessions. Every evening, participants will be invited to a themed dinner.
With a line-up of top-level lecturers and speakers, students will have the chance to debate with global thought leaders, policymakers and business executives. They will be able to network in a safe and inspiring environment, while learning skills that will be valuable to them throughout their careers and making friends for life.

The programme is evolving and will be duly updated throughout the coming months.


Day 1

Summer School 2023

On the first day of the Summer School, students will have the chance to settle into their new surroundings and get to know the rest of the group.

There will be a welcome and introduction to the programme, followed by the first teambuilding exercise, where students will work together and learn about the city and each other.

After an afternoon that includes some free time, the 29 participants will move to our spectacular evening location for the Inaugural Ceremony. Keynote speeches and welcome remarks will provide insights into the exciting agenda that awaits them in the days to come. Students and mentors will enjoy their first dinner together and learn about the trends shaping the quest for equality and the ethical use of new technologies throughout the world. Their journey towards empowerment and leadership has begun!

Day 2

Our first full day will focus on everything related to leadership and what is needed to unleash your inner leader. These key modules of the programme will introduce participants to the different types of leadership through a combination of advocacy techniques, knowledge tools and coalition building. The classes provide students with basic skills on which they can build to become the type of leader that fits their authentic selves and enhances their own strengths.

Following a brief coffee break, our first panel discussion will take place, encouraging a lively debate and including an interactive segment, where students and speakers can exchange views and ideas.

Next on the agenda is the first networking lunch. The afternoon will feature the first Spotlight session and a workshop, both exploring different facets of leadership. Later our students will have some free time to meet and chat informally.

In the evening, our future leaders will be whisked away to enjoy A Taste of Spain’s Mediterranean Soul in an unparalleled location. Get your taste buds ready!

Day 3

This day is all about technology & ethics, and through it students will be encouraged and equipped to take the lead in the digital transition.

Together we will explore how women can shape digital technology and cybersecurity through a series of panels, inspiring sessions and spotlights. These classes will provide new insights into the impact of new technologies and the opportunities they offer for economic growth and a fairer digital transition, including blockchain, Web3, cloud and AI. It promises to be a jam-packed day designed to empower our young leaders and open their eyes to the future opportunities that technology holds. We will wrap up with a closer look at innovation in healthcare as well as a powerful session on innovation against gender-based violence.

After a busy day, our students will need some downtime, and we have the perfect solution: an evening session dedicated to disconnecting from the world. Wear comfortable clothes and prepare for a restorative journey within!

Day 4

We are now half-way through an unforgettable week of learning and self-discovery, and today our theme is sustainability. Participants will start by continuing their work on the team projects which they will present on the final day. Then there will be a series of workshops and debates focusing on topics from digital skills for the green transition to female founders and the tools they need to succeed.

After a networking lunch and some free time, students will throw themselves into a busy afternoon. This includes our premium masterclass on coding, which is always much anticipated and enjoyed by our students. The day will end with our evening getaway devoted to sustainability and local growth. Get ready to experience the sensations, scents and colours of a real Valencian orange farm!

Day 5

Today is all about collaboration, creativity and connecting with others. After starting the presence & purpose day with a teamwork session, students will join a series of thought-provoking spotlight and panel discussions. These will explore different aspects of the impact women have in the digital transition, and why it is so important that women are equally represented in the tech field while they foster global collaboration. Be prepared to get involved and to think outside the box!

This is followed by the session that past students have consistently voted as one of their favourites: public speaking & storytelling. This masterclass is designed to help students practise confidence-boosting techniques that will help them stay focused, clear and calm when speaking in front of an audience. Future leaders will learn how to sharpen their presentation skills and deliver messages in an understandable and persuasive manner, and to influence their audience in a memorable way.

The afternoon will focus on entrepreneurship, with women entrepreneurs sharing their career journey and highlighting the factors for entrepreneurial success. We will wrap up with a session on social media use and mental health in the digital era, subjects that we take very seriously. Leading figures in the field will guide our students throughout the day, enabling them to follow their passion while staying truthful to their priorities and needs.

Day 6

And just like that, the week has almost come to an end! Today students will be presenting the group projects they have been working on all week, as part of our empowerment day. This is one of the most inspiring moments of the programme, as we get to see how our alumnae have grown, lifted each other up and unlocked their inner potential.

Following the presentations, a panel on the role of women in shaping the future of Europe will give students insight into how to develop more gender-inclusive organisations and get first-hand advice on strengthening and mainstreaming leadership skills. This panel will be followed by classes on collective empowerment and harnessing the power of culture and identity. Our last session will bring all our young changemakers together in strengthening the bonds they have forged over the past week.

Following the last learning sessions, only a bit of free time will stand between our students and the one and only Farewell Gala & Awards Ceremony they have all been looking forward to.

By this time, the 29 young women will have formed life-long friendships and important connections, preparing them to take their careers to the next level. The Farewell Gala is an occasion to celebrate and crown these intense days we have spent together. After an inventive Spanish meal and several inspiring speeches, the evening will close with the Awards Ceremony. Students will receive their certificates of achievement – and we will find out which of the 29 will receive our prestigious Future Leader award!

The magical evening will close with some fun on the dance floor, and the following morning our #NextGenChangeMakers will prepare to travel back home. But they will take an incredible experience with them, and the memories created in Valencia will last a lifetime.