Winter School adds a 28th seat for Western Balkans

on 08/12/2021

Brussels, 8th December 2021. The first winter edition of the School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age will welcome applications from candidates from countries of the ‘Western Balkans 6’. The European Leadership Academy is pleased to join forces with the European Training Foundation, the agency of the European Union that contributes to the development of labour market, education and training systems in EU neighbouring countries, in the context of the EU external relations policies.

“The partnership with the European Training Foundation is another stepping stone in the creation of an inclusive and equitable future for young female leaders in the digital age. We are in Europe, for Europe and through this collaboration we aim to offer equal opportunities in the EU and neighboring European countries and promote a culture of collaboration and cooperation”, said Tony Jin, Huawei’s Chief Representative to the European Institutions.

Cesare Onestini, Director of the European Training Foundation, in relation to this new collaboration, further said: “Giving young women from the Western Balkans more opportunities for improving their leadership and digital skills is key to develop the region towards more cohesive societies. Being at the forefront in supporting EU neighbours to develop better opportunities for all, we welcome the opening of the ‘Winter School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age’ to a talented young woman from the Western Balkans. Through initiatives such as this, we can further reduce the gender and digital divide and boost human capital development in the region.” 

The Winter School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age, announced on the 1st of December, will be held from 21 to 25 February 2022 in Nice, France. For the first time, an additional seat will be added for a 28th talented young female leader coming from one of the countries in the Western Balkans to join 27 fellows, one per each EU Member State.

“The core message of our Schools is that progress happens when we can all move forward together. To contribute to the common goals of building a more inclusive and fairer Europe, a complete Union, we need to also provide opportunities to the young leaders who want to shape the future of European integration. The heart of Europe beats all the way from Brussels to Sarajevo”, said Berta Herrero, Programme Director of the School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age.

As part of Huawei’s broader initiative Seeds for the Future, the “School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age” represents the company’s continued commitment to furthering digital inclusion; specifically, closing the gender gap, and creating a world where women are empowered to not just participate, but to thrive and lead us into the digital future. 

About the European Leadership Academy’s School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age: 

It is the aim of Huawei and the “School for Leadership in the Digital Age” to recognize the immense potential that female talent has – and to proactively support it, empowering girls to lead the tech revolution.

Applications are open until 3rd January 2022. An independent jury will select 28 participants for this week-long entirely free scholarship programme of masterclasses, team projects, active learning and cultural experiences. 

This years’ “Summer School” attracted 1,225 applications from students and young professionals from all over Europe.