Summer School alumna moderates at EU Presidency conference

on 04/10/2022

Inès Daouadji, the European Leadership Academy’s Summer School's "2022: European Year of Youth" awardee, is moderating a seminar during the Czech Presidency of the EU Council's major gender equality conference.

The Europe of Tomorrow: Gender Equality and the Economy conference takes place in a hybrid format on October 3rd and 4th, 2022, in Prague. The conference, organised by the Office of the government of the Czech Republic and held as a part of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU, is a major event on the gender equality calendar.

The purpose of this conference is to discuss how to best promote gender equality in today’s context with a specific focus on economic and social rights. Taking place during the European Year of Youth 2022, the conference will facilitate dialogue with the youngest generations and address challenges that young people face today in order to achieve a more equal union tomorrow.

We are proud to see our alumna Inès Daouadji, who represented France at the 2022 Summer School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age in Prague, taking part in the conference. As a winner of the "2022: European Year of Youth" award, Inès was chosen to participate in one of the most important events on the EU's gender equality agenda. She is moderating Seminar 1 on October 4th, where she will host:

  • Žofie Hobzikova, Youth and Environment Europe
  • María Rodríguez Alcázar, Board Member, European Youth Forum
  • Kryštof Stupka, UN Youth Delegate
  • Blerta Sejdija, Founder of Beat Sexism

We are looking forward to this exciting debate on the economic situation of young people in the context of inflation, unemployment, precarious working conditions, and housing shortages.

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