Welcome, Future Leaders!

This is a school like no other, with an agenda like no other, and we are excited to share it with you. Your days will be inspiring and stimulating from morning till night, offering endless opportunities to learn, bond, explore and grow. Have a look through the day-by-day programme below, for a glimpse at what lies ahead for you.

Day 1

Welcome to Nice! Make yourself comfortable at the hotel. The staff are on hand to make you feel at home and help you enjoy your stay. There will be an introductory lunch, followed by a teambuilding activity: Nice through the passage of time. In the evening we will all get together for a Welcome Cocktail.

Day 2

Now that you have met your fellow participants, enjoy an energising breakfast together. The programme will start at 09.00h sharp – be on time!
It will kick off with an opening ceremony followed by a panel on Leading with Purpose for a Sustainable, inclusive world. The day will then lead into a series of Masterclasses - Leadership I and II. This will be followed by Teamwork and then some free time before embarking on a Teambuilding activity: The Secret of France’s Competitiveness.
The day will close with a traditional French dinner.

Day 3

After yesterday’s eventful programme, a new day starts – and rest assured: it will be even more exciting.
We are kicking off with an Inspiring session The Ethics of Technology, which will be followed by our second panel: Green and Digital as the Pillars of Europe’s recovery.
Following a coffee break, we will embark on Masterclasses on Coding, with lunch between its two sessions. The afternoon will comprise more teamwork, followed by a Spotlight on The Future of Digital Skills.
After some free time we will be travelling to a new venue and will enjoy dinner and a debate on Preserving our Planet through Technology

Day 4

On Thursday we will begin with our second Inspiring session on The Future of Diversity. It will be followed by the third panel on The Road to Real Equality - Closing the Gap.
Our Masterclasses today will be on Public Speaking, where you will learn valuable presentation skills and techniques.
Following some more Teamwork sessions, we have planned a relaxing evening for you where you can shake off the strains of the day with a Yoga session. 

Day 5

Our last day before the closing of the academic programme begins with our final Inspiring session on the subject of The next Stage of Innovation. It will be followed by our final panel on The Role of Women in Tech, Cyber and the Digital Economy.
Next, there will be a Spotlight session on Talent Development for a Stronger Europe.
The afternoon will feature our final teamwork session followed by a chunk of free time for you to explore Nice with your new friends.
In the evening everyone will attend our Farewell Gala and Awards Ceremony.

Day 6

All good things must sadly come to an end, and today it is time to wake up and go to the airport.
You will have made friends for life, and learnt the important building blocks needed to lead, and take your career to the next stage. We are confident that you will meet again – and when you do, you will all be proud of how far you have come!