Lead others as you wish to be led

In a world that's searching for guidance and sustainable change, I continually ponder the essence of leadership and how to lead in a way that transcends boundaries, amplifying unheard voices and bringing them to the forefront.

Leadership, to me, is a powerful force that inspires change and lifts others. Through my journey at the European Leadership Academy, I realised that the responsibility I have as an aspiring teacher is to make a lasting impact on the next generation. In my opinion, a leader represents more than just their own journey; they embody the diversity of their community. It is crucial for women to see women as leaders, breaking free from societal limitations and stereotypes. Through my cousin's example I learned that leadership knows no bounds. She has a gentle heart and leads with empathy, always speaking up for those without a voice. She taught me the importance of staying true to my roots, sustaining friendships, and giving credit where it's due. True leaders like my cousin are authentic and humble. They see everyone as equals and create an environment of respect and collaboration. They have a vision for a better future and uphold uphold moral and ethical standards, even in challenging times.

As I strive to become the teacher I needed when I was a child, I want to empower my students, promote gender equality, and embrace diversity and inclusion. I want to leave behind a legacy of empowered minds and hearts, where everyone feels safe to be themselves and ensure that their influence extends far beyond what society tells them. In a world that needs more understanding and compassion, leadership can make a difference. By sharing our stories, breaking down barriers, and lifting each other up, we can create a brighter future for all.