Student Agreement

Summer School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age.
Students Conduct, Consent and Non Disclosure Declaration.


  1. I hereby declare the following: I will keep confidential all materials, documents, knowledge to which I will have access or which will have been provided to me.
  2. I will conduct myself in a proper and correct manner at all times during the trip, and visits to any premises, taking full responsibility for my behaviour during my travel and stay in Spain.
  3. I will follow the relevant instructions from the organisers or their assigned staff at all times. I hereby authorise Huawei, as patron of the Summer School, to take photographs  and videos of myself, and any documents or materials produced by myself in relation to the Summer School, including during the trip to Spain, without any expectation of compensation, and assign to Huawei and all entities of Huawei Group an exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, represent, modify and adapt such photographs/videos, including in any media for the purpose of the Summer School and for any other needs of Huawei and all other entities of Huawei Group, and for the duration of legal protection of the mentioned materials in print, film or in any other form (such as, notably, on written media, any products, packaging, advertisement, DVD, and the Internet) for the purpose of the Summer School and for any commercial, non-commercial, advertising and promotional purposes as well as for any other needs of Huawei and all other entities of Huawei Group.
  4. I have valid health insurance in accordance with the laws and regulations in my home country or country of residence.
  5. I recognize and accept that this experience with Huawei, as patron of the Summer School, does not create any contractual relationship nor obligation to contract between myself and Huawei or even expectations of future hiring by Huawei.
  6. Data protection
    The ‘Data Controller’ of your personal data will be the following legal entity: Huawei Technologies Belgium NV, company number: 0550.617.956, hereafter referred to as ‘Huawei’.

6.1    Huawei processes personal data, whether or not in electronic or automated form, for legitimate purposes related to the project, business and safety/security. These purposes include, but are not limited to: 

(i)    Purposes of managing the Summer School and visits to other locations in Spain, as well as to the travel agency, transport companies, insurance company and eventually any other companies that will arrange the trip, accommodation, meals, transfers, tours,etc.  MOKA and LEF, as Huawei’s subcontractors of the Summer School event, will process the personal data on behalf of Huawei Belgium, to arrange the  logistical arrangements for the Summer School.
(ii)    Purposes of communicating with students and alumni on subjects that are part of the activities of the Summer School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age, the European Leadership Academy, Huawei Technologies or partners.
(iii)    Security measures, IT services, information security, conducting internal audits and investigations, legal or business consulting, and preparing for or engaging in dispute resolution.
(iv)    Briefings to Huawei, speakers, co-hosts and honorary sponsors of the Summer School, as to support in  preparation for interventions at, and communication around, the Summer School.
(v)    Information sharing to the Authorities of Spain for personal and health safety purposes in compliance with local regulations, as well as for the purpose of briefing potential government representatives attending Summer School related activities. 
(vi)    Compliance with law. This purpose addresses the Processing of Personal Data as necessary to comply with a legal obligation to which Huawei, MOKA and LEF are subject. Its purpose is to ensure compliance with the law by Huawei, MOKA and LEF, including in relation to the prevention of crimes and the disclosure of Personal Data to government institutions and supervisory authorities, including tax authorities, in relation thereto.

6.2   The student’s personal data is therefore processed by Huawei on the following legal grounds: 

(i)    The performance of a contract to which you become a party by accepting to participate in the Summer School. 
(ii)    The consent given by the student to Huawei to  process certain personal data for the purposes as mentioned in the Student Agreement through the student signing the Student Agreement.
(iii)    Compliance with a legal obligation applicable to Huawei  as described in 6.1(v).
(iv)    The legitimate interests pursued by Huawei (or by a data recipient) provided that these interests prevail over the students’ fundamental rights and freedoms (e.g. the detection and the prevention of fraud and information security breaches, the conduct of company reorganisations, etc.).

6.3    “Personal data” means any information about an identified or identifiable natural person regardless of whether it is held in paper, electronic or any other format, including identification data (e.g. name, personal address, personal telephone number, email address, date of birth, passport information, dietary requirements etc.), information concerning employment or education (e.g. professional experience, academic background, extracurricular activities and interests of relevance to your participation at the Summer School), and other information necessary for the proper organisation and management of the Summer School. 

6.4    The student’s personal data may be disclosed to Huawei’s HR department, IT department and administrators for administrative and management purposes. Data may also be disclosed to another entity within the Huawei Group in the scope of those purposes. 

6.5    For the purposes mentioned in 6.4, personal data as defined in 6.3 may be disclosed to and possibly even processed by third parties such as: 

(i)    MOKA and LEF, as Huawei’s subcontractors of the Summer School event, to arrange the logistical arrangements for the Event.
(ii)    the insurance companies with which MOKA and LEF, on behalf of Huawei, have entered into an insurance (and/or a reinsurance) contract with (including the insurance companies for accidents).
(ii)    the travel agencies, airline companies, hotels, other agencies and service providers for business travel. 
(iii)    the university or school of the student.
(iv)    law enforcement authorities in accordance with the relevant legislation.
(v)    IT companies or service providers for software programs.
(vi)    specialised service providers appointed by Huawei for various business services.
(vii)    other professional advisors.
(viii)    the schools and universities that will be visited during the Summer School project in Spain.
(viiii)    The employees, managers and/or representatives of the abovementioned service providers or institutions and the specialised service providers appointed by them shall fully respect the confidential nature of the data and may only use the data as stipulated by this Student Agreement and the explicit instructions of Huawei.

6.6    As a global company, Huawei's business processes go beyond the borders of one country. This may demand the availability of communications and information systems across the Huawei Group, and the international processing and use of information within Huawei Group. For that purpose, it may be necessary that an affiliate of the Huawei Group requires access to your personal data to process and/or store the personal data. To transfer the personal data in compliance with the data protection principles, Huawei Group has implemented safeguards in line with the applicable legislation. The data will only be stored in the EEA and will not be transferred outside the EEA.

6.7    Huawei is taking reasonable security measures to protect the student’s personal data and only authorised Huawei personnel and the service providers as described in 6.5 can access and use this data.

6.8    The participant’s personal data will be retained no longer than necessary for the purposes described above and in 6.1 in particular, and for a maximum period of 5 years. As a rule, participants’ personal data is stored during the period of the project “Summer School” as well as during a term subsequent to the end of the project for as long as Huawei can have a legal liability for which the use of the personal data can be relevant taking into account the applicable statutory period of limitation.

The participant’s contact at Huawei for any further information about these rights is the data protection officer:  

DPO Office
Email address:
Huawei Technologies Düsseldorf GmbH
Hansaallee 205
40549 Düsseldorf, Germany

  1. Intellectual rights
    All materials, documents and knowledge created by or shared with the students during the Summer School for Female Leadership in the Digital Age will remain the intellectual property of Huawei Technologiesthe Organiser; it can not be published, altered or transferred to third parties by the student  without prior written consent of Huawei Technologiesthe Organiser.

The participant hereby gives her explicit consent to control and process the data as described in this agreement.

The participant hereby also states her explicit commitment to conduct herself in a proper manner and in compliance with all international, national and local laws and regulations as well as with the code of conduct of the Summer School during the full duration of the Summer School and for the journey to and from Spain.