Europe uniquely brings us together in the digital age

I often look at Europe with a proud daughter sentiment. My ancestors’ roots may not be Germanic or even Slavic, but like every European I share the same legacy: this wonderful construct that is the EU.

Listening, collaborating, supporting… we all take those for granted and often forget how far Europe has come from; a continent that was once perpetually  harmed by lasting wars, ridden by cultural misunderstandings, slowed by endless circles of rebuilding, now an example of hope and peace.

Populism tries to make us believe that « before » and « alone » were better, but the external viewpoint I have as a daughter of immigrants leaves me perplexed at this idea.

Would there really be progress without the free circulation of thoughts and individuals? Would there really be freedom without supranational institutions to protect us? Would there really be a way to answer to the world’s most pressing challenges without common work?

I don’t think so. I may be wrong, but this is what the history of Europe has taught me: the need to think beyond yourself.

We are not millions of ours, we are millions of us. « Us » of different heritages, different histories, different visions… all united to not recreate the same mistakes as our predecessors. That’s undoubtedly challenging, but I see that as a cause worth fighting for.

« United in diversity » doesn’t mean forgetting our identities. It means taking part in a wider adventure. It means strengthening the impact of what we can bring to the table locally. It means leading by example to inspire further togetherness in the world.

The moment we will collectively start looking at « our » history with humility, the more we will understand why we needed this Union in the first place.

Gathering around our core values is the answer to addressing our issues. Reassurance, ethics, and upskilling to face the digital age will come with the help of one another, and in this context, Europe is our facilitator.

The EU guarantees that we can benefit from the genius of some, the rigor of others, and the savoir-faire of a few. The EU coordinates our specificities to bring the best out of our continent. The EU gives an independent space to defend the interests of individuals. Exactly what we need to thrive in the digital world.